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Introduction to Clients and projects

Most Professional Services and Project-centered Firms will find Clients and Projects to be the best structure to organize its Client information.

Most information in Feng Office will be classified in a Client or a Project.

Here are some facts about how the Clients and Projects dimension works:

  • You can create as many Clients and Projects as you need. Projects can be either 'general' (not withing a client) or belong to a client.
  • You can create folders to organize groups of clients, groups of projects, or groups of information inside a project.
  • Clients can contain projects and folders, but not other clients. In other words you can build hierarchies of up to 10 levels.1) (But be careful: Many levels or a complex structure bear the potential of putting information into the wrong place, which makes it invisible for the intended audience or even accessibly for unauthorized users.)
  • Clients are different from folders in that respect that you can not only see what's inside a Client but also what's inside all sub-elements of that Client. That's the reason why Clients and Projects are much more like filters than like folders.
  • Clients and Projects are used to control permissions in Feng Office. You can grant a user the right to work with a certain Project and hide another Project completely from him. There are even more detailed permission parameters (which are discussed in more detail on the permissions page).


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