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Information is often interdependent. For example, to fulfill a task you may need certain documents. Or you have a message that relates to a specific event. Feng Office makes it easy to show related information by linking content objects. Linking is a universal concept in Feng Office, you can link any type of content objects.


To create a link from one object to another you open the detail view of one of these two objects. In the Properties pane you will see already existing links (if any).

To add a new link, simply click on Link more objects. This will open the following object selection dialog:

By default, you will see all objects you have access to. You can choose an object directly (by doubleclicking on it in the right column) or you can filter the list by applying one of the filters from the left column (by workspace, by type, by tag).


Linking from a comment to another object is slightly different in that aspect that you can't do it the other way round (from some object to a comment).

As you can see, every comment can have it's own links, and you can add new links or remove existing links at any time (as long as you are the author of a comment).


In the edit view of an object there is a section called Linked objects. There you can link and unlink other objects the same way as you would in the detail view.


To remove a link between two objects you choose any of the methods described above and click Unlink.


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