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 +====== Feng Officeのバックアップ方法 ======
 +This page is about how to backup your Feng Office installation manually. If you want to learn about the backup plugin that allows you to create backups from the [[administration panel]], please see the page [[backup_plugin|Backup (Plugin)]].
 +===== 何をバックアップする必要があるのか? =====
 +  * The folder where Feng Office is installed
 +  * The database being used by Feng Office
 +===== 必要な情報は =====
 +  * The path to your Feng Office installation (e.g. /var/www/feng)
 +  * The database connection information used by Feng Office. You can find it in your 'config/config.php' file.
 +    * database (DB_NAME)
 +    * host (DB_HOST, usually localhost)
 +    * username (DB_USER)
 +    * password (DB_PASS) 
 +===== Feng Officeのバックアップ方法 =====
 +  * Create a folder where you will place the backup (e.g. /path/to/backup)
 +<code>  mkdir /path/to/backup</code>
 +  * Copy Feng Office's folder to the backup folder
 +<code>  cp -R /var/www/feng /path/to/backup</code>
 +  * Create a dump of Feng Office's database. MySQL includes a command called mysqldump. You can use that command or some other tool like phpMyAdmin or MySQL GUI Tools. Here we will see the first two:
 +A) //mysqldump// (replace words between brackets for the correct values)
 +<code>  mysqldump -h [host] -u [username] -p [database] > /path/to/backup/db.sql</code>
 +B) //phpMyAdmin//
 +      - Select Feng Office's database
 +      - Click "Export"
 +      - Select to export to "SQL"
 +      - Select to export the "Structure" as well as the "Data"
 +      - Select to "Save as file"
 +      - Click on "Go" and save the generated file to /path/to/backup/db.sql
 +  * Optionally, compress the contents of the backup folder to save some disk space.
 +===== バックアップの復元方法 =====
 +  * Copy the backed up installation folder to your web server
 +<code>  cp -R /path/to/backup/feng /var/www</code>
 +  * Execute the backup database script (db.sql). You can do this with the mysql command, in phpMyAdmin or MySQL GUI Tools.\\ 
 +A) //mysql command//
 +<code>  mysql -h [host] -u [user] -p [database] < /path/to/backup/db.sql</code>
 +B) //phpMyAdmin//
 +  - Select Feng Office's database
 +  - Click "Import"
 +  - Choose the database script created on backup (/path/to/backup/db.sql)
 +  - Click "Go"
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