Simple Billing

Feng Office provides you the possibility of having a simple Billing module and features, which will be explained below

In case you would like to use billing with tasks or with the Time module, you must first create billing categories and assign them to the users.

In order to do this, you would have to:

  1. Click on 'Add billing category' (below 'Billing') and assign a name, description and hourly rate value.

After having generated a category, you should assign it to one or more users (at the very same screen).

We suggest using the option 'Update timeslots with unset billing values' to update the timeslots that already exist in the system, as long as their value is zero.

From now on the billing value for the timeslots, will be calculated based on the billing category of the user.

Changing the billing for a specific task timeslot

You may also edit the billing value of a certain timeslot that has been created on a task. In order to do so, please follow this procedure:

  1. Access the task in question
  2. Click on 'Edit', at the timeslot's right (if there is no timeslot, you should create one and then edit it)
  3. Select 'Fixed billing' instead of 'Hourly billing' and type in the new value
  4. Save the changes

In order to generate a Time Report, you should first go to the 'Time' tab and then click on 'Generate Report'. Then you would have to select the options you wish to have in the report, taking into account the following values:

  • General timeslots: only the general timeslots (those timeslots added to a workspace, but not to a task)
  • Tasks timeslots: only the timeslots added to tasks
  • Tasks and general timeslots: both kinds of timeslots (general and tasks ones). - we recommend this option to obtain every work timeslot possible -

Note: Reports will be generated based on your permissions. Meaning if you cannot access certain tasks or timeslots, they will not be displayed within the report.