How to Add your first Client, Project, Folder or Workspace.

Depenging on how you will use Feng Office (along with configuration settings, your Feng Office edition, etc.), you will be able to organize your information into one of the following categories, which we like to call “Dimensions”:

  • Clients
  • Projects
  • Workspaces
  • Folders
  • Other (not covered in this section)

Feng Office has three quick ways of adding the above mentioned:

  1. Adding from the Navigation Bar (Left Side Navigation Panel).
  2. Adding from the Individual Widgets on the Overview Tab
  3. Adding from the Dimension section in the Administration Panel.

Some of the above will take you to what we call the “Full Add”, where you will be able to input all the information details.

The Navigation Bar Add will let you input some basic information first, and prior to this you can edit the information and add further details.

The examples on this section are a quick generic guide. For specific “How to's”, please see the following:

This is the “+” link that is displayed on the top of each of the navigation sub-panels on the left side of the screen.

These are the Dashboard Widgets located on the Overview Tab that allow you to Add new Folders, Clients, Projects or Workspaces.

You can also add Workspaces, Clients, Projects and Tags from the corresponding sections on your Settings Panel.