Changing to Super Administrator

When you change your role to a different one from SuperAdministrator, you will not be able to change it back on your own, so you would better ask another colleague with SuperAdministrator role to give you back your permissions. In case you do not have such a colleague, please look below for further information:

Feng Sky Users

Please contact us at explaining the situation, and we will get back to you as soon as we are able to.

Feng onSite or Community Users

  1. Find out the object_id of the user in question in the fo_contacts table
  2. Run the following SQL query:
UPDATE fo_contacts SET user_type = 1 WHERE fo_contacts.object_id = [object_id];


UPDATE fo_contacts SET user_type = 1 WHERE fo_contacts.object_id = 2;
  1. Access the installation, go to the Administration Panel, and access the user permissions
  2. Select a different role in the roles combobox, and then select back SuperAdministrator. This must be done to override and update the permissions once again.
  3. Save the changes

Note: Feng onSite Users can also contact us at, but in case you want to do it faster you may proceed with the explanation above of course.