Copying & Moving a Feng Office installation

Sometimes you may need to create a copy of a Feng Office installation, either for testing purposes so that you can test with your everyday data, or maybe to start a new installation with some preloaded data. These are the steps you need to follow to create a copy of a Feng Office installation:

  1. Create a copy of your database (this can be done either with phpMyAdmin, MySQL GUI Tools, the mysql and mysqldump commands, etc.)
  2. Optionally, create a new database user that can only access this new copy of the database, to avoid any remote possibility of writing data to your original database
  3. Create a copy of your installation directory and delete file ‘cache/autoloader.php’ from the copy.
  4. Edit the configuration file of the copied installation (FENG_ROOT/config/config.php).
    1. Change the value of the DB_NAME constant to the name of the newly created database.
    2. Change the DB_USER and DB_PASS constants as needed.
    3. Change the ROOT_URL constant to point to the new installation.

Now you can access your copied installation and it will not affect your original installation.

Let's say you have installed your Feng Office in the following directory:

Now you decide to move this installation to:

  1. Move the folder within your sever to the new location
  2. Change the path in the file FENG_ROOT/config/config.php accordingly.
  3. Delete the file FENG_ROOT/cache/autoloader.php (which will be recreated automatically with the new path)
  4. Change the permissions of the following folders to 775 (or 777 on some hostings):
    1. FENG_ROOT/cache
    2. FENG_ROOT/config
    3. FENG_ROOT/tmp
    4. FENG_ROOT/upload