Editorial guidelines for Feng Office Wiki

This page contains information for people who would like to contribute to the Feng Office Wiki.

Our goal is to write a manual for Feng Office that is

  • easy to understand
  • well structured
  • consistent in all formal aspects
  • complete, especially regarding the less obvious features
  • as compact as possible, but as detailed as necessary
  • serious (as opposite to funny and verbose)
  • a reference in the first place, but with tutorial parts if necessary

The Feng Office Wiki has been created according to these principles:

  • Just the facts - don't tell stories.
  • Use screenshots, but make them look nice.
  • Use examples if necessary, but keep them simple.
  • Stick to the official wording of the software.
  • Link to existing pages instead of describing the same thing twice.
  • If a topic is too complex, break it into single pages.
  • Choose simple page titles - this makes linking much easier.
  • The main language of this wiki is English, but feel free to create your own translation as long as you respect our Creative Commons licence.)
  • If you refer to a text on the screen, use the non-proportional font. Example: Klick on Link another object.
  • If there is an especially important information, that could prevent a misunderstanding or even a loss of data, then put it into an individual paragraph starting with PLEASE NOTE.
  • If there is some special information that is not relevant for most users, put it into footnotes.
  • Always refer to the most recent version of Feng Office. It's fine to mention which version introduced a certain feature, but as a general rule the wiki is not a replacement for the change log, so don't go into details.
  • By contributing to this wiki you agree to licence all content you create according to a Creative Commons licence (Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Switzerland), renouncing to be mentioned as an author individually (the author to be referred to according to the licence is simply “Feng Office Wiki”).
  • Every user has the right to change the content you create. This includes the right to delete it partially or as a whole.
  • By contributing content to the Feng Office Wiki you confirm that you are the copyright holder of that content. In other words you are personally responsible for not violating any copyrights, so dont publish any text or image that you didn't create yourself.