Objectives Module

The Objectives Module is a great tool to help Project Managers define and keep track of different objectives within their organization or individual projects.

You will be able to create your own customized objectives to manage different goals for each project, client or any work item with goals.

For adding a new objective, go to the Objectives tab and click on New. The following screen will pop-up:

  • Clients and projects: Here you can define the Client or Project that the new objective will belong to.
  • Workspaces: Here you can define the Workspace that the new objective will belong to.
  • Description: Here you can further explain what you plan on achieving.
  • Initial, Intermediate and Final Objective Values: Here you can show towards what you want to work for.
  • Direction: Ascending or descending.
  • Start and End Dates: Defining these will help you make sure you achieve these objectives in effective time.
  • Current value: Here you can define where you are starting.

You can also subscribe people to the objective and link objects to it with the tabs “Subscribers” and “Linked Objects”

Once these options are set, just click on “Add Objective”.

Once your new objective is created, you will be able to:

  1. Add Subscribers to keep other users updated on how your objective is going.
  2. Edit your Objective in case you want to make changes to it.
  3. Post comments, as reminders or notes of anything regarding the objective.
  4. Link objects of relevance to the objective, for quick access to them.