Progress Bar (Plugin)

This plugin displays a progress bar when you are uploading a file through OpenGoo. It requires Perl installed on the server. Uploads are performed through a Perl script that saves the uploaded file to the tmp folder in OpenGoo, along with info about the total size of the file. The GUI periodically calls a PHP script that calculates the progress based on the size of the temporary file and the total size of the file. The progress bar is updated with this info, showing how much of the file has been uploaded.

1- Make sure you have installed Perl with CGI, FILE::COPY, FILE::PATH, IO::File
2- Unzip the plugin into your OpenGoo installation
3- Edit file 'cgi-bin/' (included with the plugin) and set the correct values for variables:
	- OG_ROOT:  Path on the server to the OpenGoo installation.
	            e.g.: /var/www/opengoo
	- OG_URL:   URL to your OpenGoo installation (must match ROOT_URL defined in config/config.php)
	- MAX_SIZE: Maximum allowed upload size in bytes.
	            e.g.: 10000000  # for 10 MB
4- Copy file 'cgi-bin/' to your server's cgi-bin directory. Make it executable.
	- e.g. on linux:
		cp cgi-bin/ /var/www/cgi-bin/
		chmod +x /var/www/cgi-bin/
5- Define a constant PROGRESS_UPLOAD_SCRIPT on 'config/config.php' with the URL to the upload script you copied on step 3.
    - e.g.: define('PROGRESS_UPLOAD_SCRIPT', '');
6- Define a constant UPLOAD_HOOK on 'config/config.php' with value 'progress'.
	- i.e.: define('UPLOAD_HOOK', 'progress');
7- Check the installation:
	a- Browse to <URL to your>?check
		You should get "Script configured correctly!"
	b- Browse to <URL to your OpenGoo>/index.php?c=progress&a=test
		You should get a file upload form where you can test your script.
	c- Try uploading a file on your OpenGoo ;) 

While uploading a file you will notice a progress showing what percentage of the file has been uploaded.