User's audit trail (FAQs)

1- Should a user's connection history display information for all of their connections, including every connection they have in a day, and the days they connect?

No, it shows each time the user uses the login page. Therefore, if the user when doing the login checks the "remember me" option then in the next days there won't be any login records saved in the history.

2- What happens if a user keeps their PC always turned on; will it show as connected or disconnected user on the history information?

The user will be logged out after some time of inactivity, and the next day when he logins a record will be saved. Unless the user used the "remember me" option, in that case, he won't be logged out.

3- What does it mean when I see a user connecting from different IP addresses?

A different IP means that the user logged in using another network. Also if your work network doesn't have a fixed IP then it can be different every day.

4- Is it possible to determine when a user connects from a specific IP address, what folders they access, and what actions they perform?

We can't filter the user's audit trail by IP, but we will.