Working with Tags

Tagging allows you to organize your information quickly. By adding tags to objects you can classify and group them. Tags are taken from a flat list an can be added at any time, so you don't have to spend much time on building a complicated classification system in advance.

Tags can be attached to basically any object in Feng Office. And you can add not only one, but as many tags as you like to a single object.

To add a tag, simply type it in the corresponding field and select it. While typing you will notice a so called suggest dropdown offering you existing tags; you can click on them to add tags more quickly.

To remove a certain tag, simply delete it by clicking on the cross next to it.

You may sort the Tag's view “Alphabetically” or “By count” if you wish to do so. In case you sort it “By count”, the tags which have more objects assigned, will be on top of the list, while the tags with less objects assinged will be at the bottom.

You may completely delete tags with the shortcut placed at the Tag's view by selecting one tag, and then clicking at the shorcut and confirming that you are sure you want to delete the selected tag. Only administrators are allowed to delete tags.

To filter information according to the assigned tags, simply click on a tag in the lower left corner of the screen. Filtering will take place immediately. Tags are not listed in alphabetical order but according to the number of objects they are assigned to (most used tag on top).1) Please note that you can select only one tag at a time.

To reset the tag filter simply click on All on top.

Please note that a tag will appear in this list as soon as it's assigned to at least one object. Consequently a tag will disappear from the list as soon it's not used any longer by at least one object.

If you have a lot of tags and can't find a specific tag, you can search for it by using the Filter tags… field . As soon as you start typing, the tag list will show only matching tags: