About Feng Office wiki

The Feng Office Wiki is a manual for users of Feng Office (standard users and administrators alike).

This manual is in an ongoing process of being written, extended, and improved.

Some pages are reflecting the new features of the most current version of Feng Office already, but some pages are still based on earlier versions.

If you find any information on the wiki being:

  • Out of date
  • Incorrect
  • Missing
  • Asking to be improved

You can:

  • Register and try to fix it yourself (You will be very welcome), or
  • Write to the team using the Contact form.

You are most welcome to contribute to this wiki to make this manual more complete, more accurate and more comprehensible.

Before writing, please read our editorial guidelines and (if you plan to contribute a translation to a wiki page or set of pages) the page about wiki translations.

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