Linking Objects

Information is often interdependent, and Feng Office is very flexible in these scenarios as well.

For example, what if in order to fulfill a task you may need certain documents? Or if they ask you to somehow relate a document or report to a task you have just completed? Or may be there is a bite that is related to a specific event?

Feng Office makes it easy to show related information by linking objects (be it a task, note, document, event, etc.) so that they are fast and easy to find as well.

Linking is a universal concept in Feng Office, meaning you can link any object with each other.

To create a link from one object to another, you just need to access the one in question and click on Link objects (or Link more objects in case there already are linked objects) as shown below within the red area:

Afterwards, a pop up will be visible, where you will be able to select which object to link. By default the context where you are at will be taken into account. In these examples we were in the Move your soul project, therefore the pop up window will be filtering by it, but you may remove or change those filters at will.

Please note you may select more than one object at once by using the CTRL and/or SHIFT keys, or you may even just double click on one object if you wish to just select one and make it even faster.

Once the object is selected, in this case it is a Task called Send Details to Randy, it will be shown this way:

Now, everytime you access this task, you will be able to quickly access the linked one by just clicking once on it. And viceversa, the link has been created from the other task to this one as well:

Should you no longer need the link, you just need to click on the Unlink option on the very right of the linked object.

Linking from a comment to another object is also possible as long as you are the author of the comment. You just need to click on Link objects as shown here:

When creating or editing an object in its full form, you just need to enable the section called Linked objects and then you would be able to select different objects to have it linked with

To remove a link between two objects, you just need to click on the Unlink option on the very right.